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Rick Campbell Image 2
Rick Campbell Image 2

I had the great fortune to begin my career, while in high school to work in various bars, lounges and event facilities sometimes as a musician, but most of the time as a sound and lighting engineer.  Yes, to young to drink in the establishments, but old enough to work.  In college, I began touring fairs and festivals and toured with national artists as a sound and lighting engineer.  A couple of years of living out of a suitcase, semi’s and tour buses, and from gig to gig, I was able to transfer my sound and lighting experience into a similar position in the casino industry.  While being a sound and lighting engineer for a casino, I became involved in the creation of marketing strategies for the casino and a few other casino properties.  Utilizing my education in marketing, I secured a position in marketing for the casino industry.  As a result of that decision, I now have nearly 20 years experience with both Native American and commercial gaming organizations as an innovative marketing executive.  I have held senior level executive positions in marketing at the corporate and property levels of organizations such as Herbst Gaming, Tropicana Entertainment, Caesars Entertainment and Isle of Capri Casinos.  I have executed successful marketing programs for both land-based casinos and online operations.  I am honored to be on the advisory board for the Global Gaming Expo (G2E).  I have had the privilege of being invited to conduct seminars, panel discussions and to be a guest speaker at various conferences throughout the United States, Europe and Africa on topics of casino marketing, management and entertainment.  As a hobby, I do event planning for various size events, stage manage for fairs, festivals and national artists and can still be found behind a sound and lighting console from time to time.  I have also been privileged to be a producer for independent and commercial television projects.

I am a father, a music aficionado, a Christian, a coffee connoisseur, a seeker in the good in people, a believer in laughter and a man with many thoughts and many opinions

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